Vardi Concierge is one of our most popular services encompassing both custom jewelry manufacturing and special request fulfillment.  As we view our members as partners, we have created the full service Vardi Concierge to be a resource for our members and to assist with anything they need.  The Vardi Concierge will save you valuable time and money and ensures everything you need is done right and on time.


Vardi Concierge is a leading full service custom jewelry manufacturer.  We manage the entire project for you from concept to creation.  Simply submit the project details and we will handle the rest.

Vardi Concierge doesn't just do a custom project, we make sure the project is done right!  Tired of submitting a project and waiting to see what happens?  Follow our tried and true process to ensure your customer gets exactly what they want.

Step 1)  Submit project details and receive estimate.  Life-like CAD rendering delivered in 1-3 business days

Step 2)  Review design with your customer.  Upon design approval, the model is printed

Step 3)  Production begins and the finished piece is delivered in 7-10 business days

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As a full service provider, Vardi Concierge will save you time and money on your custom projects, as well as ensuring they are executed properly, saving you potential stress and aggravation.  

Vardi Concierge saves you money both directly and indirectly:

Direct Savings:  As a high-volume, technologically advanced company, Vardi Concierge is able to provide the best value on custom jewelry manufacturing while maintaining strict quality standards, directly saving you money on the cost of the project itself.

Indirect Savings: As a full service provider, we save you money indirectly by reducing your overhead and processing costs, all while ensuring the project is executed smoothly.

Are You Considering Your Hidden Costs?

At Vardi Company, we view our members as partners and recognize that without your success, we will not succeed. 

We tailor our Vardi Concierge service to each retailers' needs as we realize that not all retailers are the same. We offer different levels of work and multiple diamond and stone qualities to accommodate different types of retailers.

Additionally, Vardi Company genuinely cares what YOUR customer thinks.  We want to impress your customers so they stay your customers and spread the word of how great you are.  We make sure we deliver EXACTLY what your customer expects at the right price and as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

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Vardi Concierge manufactures all product categories, in addition to offering a range of capabilities, in order to serve the widest range of jewelry retailers.  We recognize that not all retailers are the same and want to offer the greatest deal of flexibility to our members so we can be the best resource possible.  From varying degrees of involvement to different qualities of diamonds and levels of craftsmanship, Vardi Concierge wants to bring true concierge level support to our valued partners.

Learn More About Our Capabilities

Vardi Concierge can help you source almost anything not available on our website, including loose diamonds, loose gemstones, and finished jewelry.

Loose Diamonds:  As a major diamond wholesaler, Vardi Concierge can help fulfill all of your diamond needs.  If you cannot find a specific certified diamond through Diamonds On DemandTM contact the Vardi Concierge and we will fulfill the request. Additionally, we can make matched pairs or layouts for you, whether certified or uncertified.  We can also supply any melee, including ideal cut, higher or lower qualities, and fancy shapes. If you need fancy colored diamonds or custom cut diamonds, just call the Vardi Concierge and we can assist with all of your diamond needs. 

Loose Gemstones:  Vardi Concierge can fulfill any loose gemstone requests including semi-precious, precious, or rare and exotic gemstones, such as Tanzanite.  

Finished Jewelry:  If you need any finished jewelry not available through our website, contact the Vardi Concierge and we will fulfill your request.  Let us know what you are looking for and your budget, and we will provide you with several options.  Some example requests include a 10 CTTW price point tennis bracelet or 2 CTTW GIA-certified cushion cut diamond studs.

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